Malala Yousafzai begins her Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech by suggesting that she is happy and humbled by being selected for the award, and thanks her supporters. She says that she is proud to be the first Pashtun and Pakistani to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, as well as the youngest person. 

Yousafzai mentions her co-winner, Kailash Satyarthi, saying that she is proud that they can show the world that an Indian and a Pakistani can work together. She explains that the Nobel Prize is also for all children who want education, peace, and change, and that it is time to take action so that children are not denied an education anymore.

Yousafzai states that she wants education for children, equal rights for women, and world peace. She speaks about her life in Swat, where she enjoyed learning with her friends. Then, terrorists took over Swat, destroying schools, killing people, and banning girls from going to school. Yousafzai decided to speak up despite the po...

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