Trump's presidency

Donald Trump’s presidency began on 20th of January, 2017. During his first months in office, Donald Trump began to act on the promises he made during his campaign, signing several executive orders and planning future policies.

Trump’s promise to increase incomes by making big tax cuts for working and middle-income Americans and for corporations, for example, has been criticized for potentially increasing the national debt. Bigger tax cuts were also planned for companies in the hopes that they would keep their business in the US and create more jobs.

This plan, however, was initially delayed because of the slow progress of replacing the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare). Trump supported repealing Obamacare from the start, promising that his administration would be able to provide better health insurance for all Americans, but in practice it proved very difficult to agree on an alternative plan.

Trump made his anti-immigration and anti-refugees views known from the beginning of his campaign, and he promised to build a large wall al...

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