The second year

The end of the North Korean crisis

Donald Trump and North Korea Leader Kim Jong-un made a major step towards improving the relationship between their nations by agreeing to meet in 2018. Following a halt of nuclear tests in North Korea after it improved its relationship with South Korea, the meeting served as further commitment from North Korea to accomplish denuclearization in the Korean Peninsula.

Trump and Kim Jong-un met in June 2018, where they signed a joint statement for a more peaceful relationship. It was a historic meeting, as it was the first time that a US president had ever met a North Korean leader.

Russia investigation

In February 2018, several Russian individuals and companies were charged by US federal prosecutors with interfering with the presidential election by using cyber hacking, the creation of false news, and the influence of government agencies to influence public opinion on Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. The defamation campaign against Clinton is thought to have taken place on mainstream media but also on social media, combined with spreading pro-Trump propaganda.

In April 2018, the FBI raided the office and home of Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal attorney, investigating him for financial crimes and accusing him of paying an adult film actress in order to keep her alleged affair with Trump a secret.

Several individuals were sentenced to prison for their ties with Russia during the campaign, and for lying to investigators about meetings with individuals connected with Russia.

In July 2018, the Senate Intelligence Committee released a report stating that election interference was conducted with the purpose of helping Trump win the election. Formal charges were also brought by the Justice Department against 12 members of a Russian intelligence agency, accusing them of hacking emails and computers linked with the Democratic Party during the presidential campaign.

44th G7 summit

The Group of Seven – leaders of the US, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Italy and Canada -  held their annual meeting in June 2018 in Canada. The meeting was marked by tensions between the US and the other countries, as Donald Trump asked for Russia to be reinstated and the G8 to be formed again (it was reformatted as G7 after Russia invaded Crimea in 2014). Trump also asked that the other countries recognize Crimea as part of Russia, and called Ukraine a corrupt country.

The meeting had a negative outcome in the sense that Donald Trump refused to endorse the Paris climate change acc...

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