Trump and the media

Trump and mainstream media

Donald Trump’s relationship with mainstream media has been tense throughout his presidential campaign and his presidency. Having a strained relationship with some of the media is not uncommon for Presidents, but commentators have noticed that Trump uses almost any occasion to call out the media, making his relationship with it very particular, and a topic of increased debate.

Trump’s attacks on the media are usually about how the media supposedly discriminates against him, his staff, his supporters, as well as against Republicans and conservatives. His most frequent targets are CNN, The Washington Post, and The New York Times. Trump does tend to approve of Fox News, however, since they tend to be more positive towards him and his policies.

On Twitter and during his rallies, Trump repeatedly attacked media outlets and called out specific journalists for reporting negative stories about him. He has referred to journalists as “crooked”, “disgusting”, “sick” and, at some point, began calling mainstream media “fake n...

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