Trump's rhetoric

Trump’s language

Trump’s rhetoric has often been characterized as divisive as he has showed a strong dislike for mainstream media, for immigrants, for his opponents, for other countries etc., and has repeatedly directly or indirectly encouraged his supporters to take similar radical stances.

Certain words that Trump uses regularly have greatly contributed to the effect he has on his supporters. Those who have analyzed Trump’s rhetoric have noticed several important characteristics of his language. For example, he uses a limited vocabulary, made up of many strong adjectives and adverbs, such as “great”, “the best”, “amazing”, or “fake”, “crooked”, “evil”, “stupid”, “moron”. Critics have pointed out that these words suggest a type of “black-and-white” thinking, which leaves little room for a complex view on things. 

They reveal that Trump divides the world into “losers” and “winners”, words which he also often uses when speaking or communicating through social media. Other pairs of divisive words and phrases frequently used by Trump are “we/they”, “us/them”, “good guys/bad guys”. He is also fond of creating insulting nicknames for both people and organisations he disagrees with, repeating them over and over again to make people remember them. Some common examples are 'Crooked Hillary', 'Lyin' Ted...

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