Argumentative essay på HTX A

Det følgende er et eksempel på, hvordan et argumentative essay til 12 kan se ud. Eksemplet er baseret på en opgaveformulering fra et vejledende opgavesæt til HTX A, så det svarer til den type opgave, som bliver stillet til eksamen fra og med sommeren 2020.

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Will virtual news become a real problem?

The news media has long been an important source of information about the world, but recently there have been an increasing number of controversies surrounding the media’s potential to manipulate and mislead. Dishonest or misleading reports within traditional media and social media have already had dramatic real-world consequences, sometimes even influencing political elections that decided the fate of millions of people. However, some experts argue that the worst is yet to come. As news media start to make use of even more immersive technology, the potential for manipulation will become ever greater, and the concept of truth increasingly blurred.


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Virtual reality (or VR) is a common term for especially immersive technology that lets the user ‘enter’ a virtual world in a way that makes her feel as if she is physically present. As of 2019, virtual reality is mainly used for entertainment purposes, but some also speculate that it will alter the way we experience the news. As the technology develops and becomes more widespread, we see more and more examples of immersive experiences designed to convey news stories.


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An example of this is “The Battle for Fallujah”, in which a movie producer travelled with US military in Iraq during a dramatic battle for control of the city.[1] The resulting VR documentary provided a very immersive form of coverage, letting the viewer experience the harsh realities of the situation in a way that would not be possible through a traditional TV screen. The power of the VR medium seems particularly evident in a scene that documents the cells ISIS use…

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