The exam question asks you to address the symbols in the story “Waiting for Spring” written by Tamara Jones.

Spring is a symbol of hope. Spring is a season commonly associated with rebirth and renewal, often bringing hope to people. Spring is also believed to positively affect a person’s health and energy, having a revitalising effect. William notes that, at the end of winter, homeless people are most vulnerable because they are “weakened by the short days and the rough sleeping and the consequence of too much stress and cold” (ll. 54-55). Therefore, spring represents a relief because the weather gets warmer and they do not have to worry about the cold anymore or feel drained of energy.

Spring also carries a special significance for William. Since the doctor told him he would not live long enough to see spring, (ll. 144-145), the arrival of the season may give William hope that he will live longer and prove the doctor wron...

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