The exam question also asks you to focus on the relationships in the short story “Waiting for Spring” by Tamara Jones.

William maintains close relationships with the other homeless people in his area, despite wanting to spend his time by himself. He seems to be known by many of them and has friendly interactions with them. The others refer to him at times by the nickname “Bill” (l. 60; l. 71), showing their close relationship.

While sitting in the park, William is approached in a short interval of time by several of his friends. At first, he is greeted by Captain who seems interested in his whereabouts and well-being, as he advises him to go to the bridge where it is warmer (ll. 65-66). After that, William is also approached by Jerry, who gives him a friendly greeting (l. 71) and is also concerned about William’s health: “Jerry stood and hovered uncertainly and anxiously, ‘What’s up Bill, what’s going on?’ ” (ll. 98-99). However, William’s relationship with Jerry is not very close. William asks Jerry to lea...

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