Characterisation of William

William’s outer characterisation is very brief. His age is not specified, but he seems to be older than some of his friends whom he describes as “young” (l. 56). William is homeless and often takes refuge under a railway bridge (ll. 14-15). He uses an upturned cap to collect money from the people in the park (l. 62).

William describes himself as “a smoker, fat and a lush” (l. 130). He wears “too-large boots” (l. 36).

Inner characterisation

William is an alcoholic. He refers to himself as a lush (l. 130) and presents classic symptoms of alcoholism. He is observed drinking several times in the text, and when Albert brings him a bottle of whiskey, William feels his “mood instantly lifted” (l. 80) because “he’d not had a drink for hours” (ll. 80-81). William seems generally unconcerned about his health. He drinks alcohol even though he knows that it is going to make him feel sick: “William took a long pull as well and sat waiting for the inevitable kick...

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