Discussion on what should be done to fight homelessness


The number of homeless people in the United Kingdom has increased at alarming rates during the past few years. In 2016, it was estimated that there were 294,000 homeless people in Britain; however, in 2017, this number rose to 307,000. Primarily, this issue is caused by high rent prices, welfare cuts, and lack of social housing. Therefore, a way of fighting homelessness in our society would be to concentrate on these issues.

Improving hostels

Once they become homeless, people often find shelter only in hostels, though the living conditions in these places are hard, as they are often overcrowded, lack basic appliances and furniture, and cannot house people over long periods. In the story, William is also sceptical about living in a hostel. This is mostly because of the staff’s unsympathetic attitude towards homeless people (l. 115).

Whether or not homeless people are struggling with addiction or serious illness, it would help them to feel safe in the shelters and places they can go to avoid sleeping on the streets. Therefore, a partial solution would be to improve hostels, investing in facilities and staff training.

Improve the social sys


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