Frank Corridan

Frank Corridan is another important character in the short story "Tom Corridan" by Arhondia. He is a plumber who lives in Dublin with his wife and his sons Tom and Joe. His outer characterization is created through Tom’s words, who mentions Frank’s “dirty shirts and dirty necks and filthy nails” (l. 29).

The story suggests that he frequently spends his free time at the pub, which also implies that he is a heavy drinker. He also has blood pressure problems, as indicated by the fact that he takes medicine regularly (l. 127).

Frank is a verbally and physically abusive man. His abuse is primarily pointed at Tom, whom he belittles throughout the story: “ ‘You’re fucking thick but you sure as hell ain’t rich,’ he says, and laughs at his own joke” (ll. 57-58).

Frank is angry at Tom for trying to improve his life by getting an education and forbids him from attending university (ll. 67-68). His comments suggest that he sees Tom’s attempt to better himself as an attack on his own social ...

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