Here you can read an overview of the analysis of "Tom Corridan" by Arhondia.

The story follows a traditional chronological plot structure while including narrative techniques like foreshadowing. The conflict between the two most important characters sets the events in motion and leads to the story's climax.

The characters include Tom Corridan as the main character and his father Frank. Tom’s mother and his younger brother Joe also play some role in the story. Tom’s neighbor, Trevor, Father Flanagan, and Frank’s friend, Michael, also appear in the story. 

The setting of the story is 1970s Dublin, Ireland. The story spans several locations, in particular the Corridan family home, the local pub, and Tom’s school. The social setting generally concerns family issues, especially in the working class, attitudes to education, and attitudes to abuse. The social setting also touches briefly on stereotypical gender roles and stereotypical ideas about masculinity.

The events are described by Tom Corridan as a first-person narrator, who shares his thoughts and feelings with the readers.

The language used in the story is remarkable because of its unusual style, which includes many slang phrases and alternative spellings that reflect the social setting. Symbols are also present in the story, most of them highlighting Tom's internal conflict.

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