Narrator and point of view

Arhondia’s short story “Tom Corridan” is told by a first-person narrator. The narrator is also the main character in the story, Tom Corridan.

The narrator mixes the description of the events with his reflections: “ ‘You little fucking bastard. I put food on the table and clothes on your back. Who are you to judge me? A fucking nobody, that’s who you are. Fucking nobody,’ he says. He keeps repeating himself, the boring bastard.” (ll. 81-83). 

When it comes to other characters, the narrator does not hesitate to voice his opinion about them. He calls Trevor "lucky" (l. 4), because his father is rarely home. He refers to Frank's friend Michael as "a noisy little fecker" (l. 19). When it comes to father Flanagan, Tom seems to have a better opinion about him, but he still criticizes his attitude: "Priests always have good Christian advice but it's not them that are being tormented" (ll. 110-111).

The narrator is gene...

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