“Tom Corridan” by Arhondia tells the story of Tom Corridan, a young Irish boy who wants to go to university, while his father wants him to become a plumber. The story begins with Tom hidden in the lane behind his house, where he is smoking a cigarette and listening to the music that his neighbor Trevor is playing on his record player. Tom only has a radio at his house.

Tom then goes to Boyle’s pub to take his father home. One of his father’s friends named Michael comments on how Father Flanagan has given Tom extra work learning Ancient Greek. Tom says that he is trying to improve, but his father suggests it will be useless, since Tom will become a plumber. Tom asks his father, Frank, if he is ready to go home, but when Frank learns what they have for dinner, he decides to stay at the pub for more drinks.

At home, Frank becom...

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