Tom Corridan

Tom Corridan is the main character of the story "Tom Corridan" by Arhondia. He is a teenager who lives on Cherryfield Road, in Dublin (ll. 11-12), with his mother, his father Frank, and little brother Joe. References to Father Flanagan (l. 21), Tom’s teacher, and to Tom thinking about attending university (l. 108), suggest that Tom attends a Catholic secondary school (the equivalent of high school in Ireland).

Tom’s inner characterization is constructed through his thoughts, his language, and his actions. Tom wants to improve his life and go to university (l. 108). His expectations and his capacity to learn Ancient Greek (l. 22) suggest he is intelligent, as do his references to difficult literary works such as The Odyssey and James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake (l. 11). However, no one except Father Flanagan supports this plan (l. 107). Frank expects Tom to follow in his footsteps and work after he finishes high school (ll. 67-68).

Tom does not want to end up like his father and judges Frank for his life choices: “Fucking eejits. Belittling everyone to make out the dead end they find themselves in is a choice instead of a mistake. With their dirty shirts and dirty necks and fi...

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