Language and style

Style of writing in lines 16-35

In this section we will cover style of writing in lines 16-35 in Arhondia’s short story “Tom Corridan”.

In this part of the story, Tom Corridan goes to Boyle’s pub to take Frank, his father, home for dinner. Tom sits down with Frank and Franks’s friend, Michael, who mock Tom for wanting to learn Ancient Greek. In Frank’s opinion, this is useless because Tom is supposed to become a plumber, like him. Tom says nothing but becomes angry at the two men for their arrogance.

The choice of words indicates an informal style of writing, featuring many colloquialisms such as “Da” (l. 20), the use of “me” instead of “my” – “Me boy told me” (l. 21) – and slang words such as “fecker” (l. 27) and “Jaysus” (a spelling that reflects the pronunciation of “Jesus” with an Irish accent) (l. 34). It also features a number of expletives, such as “Fucking” (l. 28) and “cunts” (l. 30). These elements add to the realism of the story and give the characters authentic voices, as well as reflecting the social setting...

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