Putting the American Dream into perspective

How the ideal of the American Dream is regarded in other nations

American ideals included under the big umbrella of the American Dream have often been used by the US to build an international reputation. One relevant example is how the US relied on the American Dream during the Cold War period. During that time, the American government invested numerous resources in public diplomacy with the purpose of undermining the Soviet culture. International visits programs, art and cultural events abroad, as well as Hollywood movies, were all meant to show the world that the US continued to be a society where the American Dream was thriving. These actions were successful in many countries, including Britain, Australia, and Canada.

Britain was influenced by the American Dream mostly when Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was in office. The Dream resonates with the British especially in terms of home ownership. Thatcher encouraged people to buy homes in the 1980s through various schemes for first-time buyers.

Australia was also inspired by the Amer...

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