Write your manuscript

The following sections of the product will give you advice on how to write your manuscript.

First, you can find some advice on how to take the rhetorical situation into account, to make sure your speech fits the context of a debating competition in Oxford. It is important to consider the situation, because it has an effect on how you might want to begin and end your speech, and on the types of arguments it might be meaningful to use.

Second, we will give some advice on how to write the account section, and which sources you might want to draw upon when accounting for both the overall topic (poverty in the UK) and relevant subtopics (such as the working poor or poverty's effect on children).  

Finally, we will give you some ideas for writing the discussion section, especially in relation to what viewpoint you might want to defend, and which specific arguments you can draw upon to make your speech convincing to the audience.

You can read the full guide to writing your manuscript in the following pages.