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In this section, we will help you account for the increasing poverty in the UK using the sources included in the assignment. You can find some notes about the key points you might want to make about the issue, as well as suggestions for how you can find support for these points in the sources. 

Poverty is on the rise in the UK

The main point that most of the sources deal with is that poverty has recently (since about 2010) been on the rise in the UK. This can be seen in a number of different ways, for example through increasing use of charitable aid, more children in need of economic support, and simply more people who report that they are struggling to get by.

The sources are not in complete agreement about the causes of this problem, although at least two of them point the finger directly at the Conservative government and its cuts to public spending and welfare programs. However, this point might be more interesting to save for the discussion section, where it is a direct focus point. 

Using the sources to support this account

When you have to document that poverty is on the rise in the UK, it may be...

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