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In this section, we will help you discuss different attitudes to poverty and possible consequences of the current austerity policies in the UK. You can also find advice about choosing a specific viewpoint to support in your manuscript. 

The sources present two different attitudes to poverty

When you begin your discussion, it may be a good idea to outline the two main viewpoints regarding poverty that come across in your sources. Generally speaking, the main disagreement has to do with the causes and possible solutions to the poverty issue, rather than the poverty issue in itself. 

The first viewpoint is that poverty has at least in part been caused by the Conservative government and its austerity policies when it comes to public spending. This also implies that one of the main solution to the issue is more public spending and an expanded welfare system.   

The second viewpoint is that the Conservative government's policies are not to blame for the issue, and that the solution to the problem is the creation of more jobs rather than more public spending.

These two viewpoints are classic examples of the way left-wing and right-wing parties typically respond to economic issues. The left-wing parties tend to focus on the government’s role and the importance of a strong welfare state, while the right-wing parti...

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