The reality of child poverty in Britain

"The reality of child poverty in Britain" is a clip from a news report broadcast by ITV News on December 13, 2017. The clip investigates the issue of child poverty in Britain, especially as it comes across in the school system.

Information in this source

The video presents a lot of information about how the poverty crisis affects children in various negative ways. 

Poverty rate for children is especially high in certain areas

In the early sections of the video, we get a few statistics about some areas of England where the issue of child poverty is especially severe: 

One in four children in Morecambe is growing up in poverty [...] in areas of Manchester and Liverpool, it is almost one in two. (01:08-01:22)

This is an interesting piece of information, because it shows the income inequalities that often exist between different areas in the same country. This point may be relevant when discussing solutions to the poverty crisis, as it could mean that initiatives to fight poverty should be adapted to fit the needs of each area.

Poverty rate for children is predicted to rise

Towards the end of the video, we get a short statistic about the predicted rate of child poverty in the ne...

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