Accident or suicide?


The idea of Alaska’s death being an accident or a suicide is a key issue on John Green’s novel Looking for Alaska. When Miles and the Colonel find Alaska's entry "Straight & Fast" (p. 138) in her edition of The General in his Labyrinth, they have to deal with the question of whether Alaska took her own life. This thought, however, makes Miles despair even more, so he initially rejects the idea.

However, after the two of them talk to the police officer whose car Alaska crashed into, Miles must also seriously consider the possibility of suicide. It seems that Alaska must have heard or seen the police car's siren, even if she was drunk. The police officer confirms that she did not swerve, which he thinks is unusual. He has never seen anyone who did not try to swerve (p. 145).

They now have to add the question of why Al...

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