Cheat sheet

Miles Holder

  • Age: 16
  • Nickname: Pudge
  • Home: Florida
  • Family background: Very good relationship with his parents
  • Appearance: Thin, skinny, bony, handsome, cute
  • Character: Thoughtful, philosophical, shy, loner
  • Hobbies/talents: Memorizing last words of famous people
  • Relationship: He Is in love with Alaska. Has a short relationship with Lara

Chip Martin, the Colonel

  • Age: 16
  • Nickname: The Colonel
  • Home: New Hope, Alabama
  • Family circumstances: Very good and loving relationship with his mother. His mother is poor and lives in a trailer. His father is an alcoholic. They have had no contact with him since he left them.
  • Appearance: Quite short, well-toned, strong, dark fuzzy hair
  • Character: self-confident, loyal, likes to set the tone, strategist
  • Hobbies/talents: Memorizing countries of the world, math whiz, planning pranks
  • Relationship: Is dating Sara, a Weekday Warrior he actually doesn't like at all, t

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