Study questions

On this page, we suggest a number of study questions that can help you get started with your analysis of the short story “You Are Here” by Dana Miltins. On the following pages, you can read examples and explanations that can help you answer these questions.

How would you characterize the ending of the short story?

What kind of relationship do the woman and man have - and what do they want for the future? 

What effect does the snakecatcher have on the woman and on her relationship with the man?

What is the significance of the physical setting?

What role does the social setting of white, western values vs. Aboriginal values play in the story?

How does the third-person narrator and alternating perspectives influence our view of the characters and their conflict?

What does the desert symbolize?

What does the snake symbolize?

What do the eggs which the woman makes for the man every morning symbolize?

What is the meaning of the title which is also mirrored in the fridge magnet?

How would you characterize the style of writing in lines 76-88?

What is the main theme of the short story?