The woman

The woman is the main character of the short story “You Are Here” by Dana Miltins. Her age and looks are not mentioned in the story. However, she might be somewhere in her thirties, since she thinks it is too late for her to “start all over again” (l. 15) and wants to have a child soon (l. 15). The woman is also not given a name, which suggests she is meant to represent any woman who has ever struggled with relationships and the wish for a child.

The woman follows her partner into the desert after three months of living alone because she feels lonely and misses him (ll. 13-15). However, her main driving force is the wish to have a child: “She wants a baby, and soon.” (l. 15). We are told that she believes she “doesn't have time to start all over again” (l. 15). This could mean that she has considered leaving her partner but that...

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