The main character in the short story “You Are Here” by Dana Miltins is the woman. She is currently in an unwanted long-term relationship with the man. The two are not given names, which means they can easily represent most women and men in modern relationships. The couple have different expectations and communication issues and seem unable to solve them. The event with the snake highlights the differences between them, leading to an argument.

Another important character in the story is the Aboriginal snakecatcher. He is important because he represents Aboriginal culture and because he represents an alternative to her partner. The woman is impressed by his physical strength and his gentle way with the animal he has captured. It is because of him that she changes her negative view of the snake. It is hinted that the woman and the snakecatcher have sex and that she might even become pregnant with his child, but the story never specifies this. 

You can read a full characterization of the woman and the man in the following pages.