The article “What Life Was Like In South Africa During Apartheid” by Michelle Faul was published on the website of Business Insider on 9th of December, 2013.

The article was published on the occasion of Nelson Mandela’s death. Nelson Mandela was a South African activist and revolutionary during the apartheid regime. His actions against the regime led to a sentence of life imprisonment in 1962. However, he was released 27 years later and became the first democratic president of South Africa in 1994. 

In the article, Faul mentions Mandela him several times. She wants to emphasize that Mandela was a symbol of the fight against the apartheid regime. Furthermore, the end of the article alludes to his death and the need to pay tribute to his ideals: “…we all were in awe of Mandela's insistence on reconciliation and not retribution. It is a tri...

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