This analysis of the article “What Life Was Like In South Africa During Apartheid” by Michelle Faul is inspired by the rhetorical pentagram model.

In the next few pages, we will discuss the topics of the text - racism and the apartheid regime in South Africa - looking at how the writer explores these themes.

We will present the writer of the text, Michelle Faul, considering her background as a journalist but also focusing on what she reveals about herself in the article.

We will look at the reader of the text – formed by those who follow the Associated Press and Business Insider— but also at the people the writer mentions in the article.

We will examine the language of the text, particularly the choice of words, tone, rhetorical devices, and forms of appeal that Faul uses to convey her arguments and her message. 

We will consider the circumstances of the text, such as Nelson Mandela’s death in 2013, but also the historical context of the apartheid regime that the article explores.

We will discuss the intention of the writer: To raise awareness about racial discrimination and the consequences of the apartheid regime, and pay tribute to Nelson Mandela.

You can find the full analysis in what follows.