Relationship between the characters

The relationship between Brianna and Shantell

The relationship between Brianna and Shantell changes throughout "Video". The two teenage girls start off as friends. We see them cheerfully leaving high school and walking home, talking about boys.

However, the fact that Brianna changes the topic from her to Shantell’s date suggests that she is the more dominant friend. This is also suggested by the fact that Shantell does not know if she should continue to date the boy or not and asks for Brianna’s advice. Brianna sounds determined when she gives her advice, as if telling Shantell what to do.

Brianna’s imposing attitude is further suggested during the main events of the short film. Although Shantell films the woman making racist comments with her phone, it is Brianna who constantly says they will put the video on social media and demands Shantell’s phone several times.

Notice also that Brianna is much more aggressive towards the woman than Shantell. In fact, it is Shantell who tries to avoid the conflict escalating in the first place. She takes Brianna away from the woman pulling her arm and tries to change...

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