Linking phrases

In this section, we will help you discuss where to set the limit between using and abusing your mobile phone to record other people in public, based on the short film "Video" by Randy Yang.

In your discussion, you should use at least two of the following phrases: yet, on the other hand, despite, whereas, even though, on the one hand, consequently, for example.

These are linking phrases. They help introduce alternative arguments or explanations (on the one hand, on the other hand), to show an exception (yet, despite, even though), to introduce an example (for example), a comparison (whereas), or a conclusion (consequently).  Here are some examples of how you can use them in your discussion.

On the one hand, recording other people could help to expose wrong doings such as racism. On the other hand, people have the right to privacy and others should not film or share videos of them without their permission.

Even though Brianna accepted the money for the video, she still wanted to make it public. Consequently, her behavior was unethical.

The white woman apologized to the girls for her behavior, yet she refused to admit that she has racial prejudices.

Despite allowing the woman to delete the video, Shantell decided not to take the money offered by the woman.

Recording other people in public could have positive consequences. For example, a video might help identif...

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