The setting refers to the time setting, physical space, and the social context presented in "Video" by Randy Yang. 

Time and physical setting

Regarding the time setting, the events of the short film take place in the US during Obama’s presidency (between 2009 and 2017). This is indicated by the way the characters act and the reference to Barack Obama. The plot of the film takes place over the course of about 15 minutes on one afternoon, after Brianna and Shantell leave school.

The physical setting includes the high school yard the characters leave in the beginning of the movie and the streets of an American city. As the white woman mentions, the action takes place in a ‘good neighborhood’. However, on the streets, we can also see homeless people and piles of rubbish, suggesting that there are some problems in the area.

Social setting

The social setting focuses on racial tension in the US, as the whole conflict of the plot is triggered by the fact that two African-American teenage girls witness a white woman making racist comments towards a black homeless man.

The beginning of the story shows the teenage girls in a mixed racial group. The white girl in their group of friends suggests that they have harmonious interracial relations.

The homeless man hints at issues related to poverty and race, suggesting that black people are statistically likely to be poorer than their white peers and are, therefore, more likely to become homeless. This is also suggested by the girls who claim they need the money offered by the white woman.

Furthermore, the fact that the woman is white and a partner at a law firm suggests white people generally have a better economic status. However, the woman’s remark that it is hard to become a partner at a law firm as a wo...

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