Discussion on whether official apologies can correct wrongs

Outline: “Toronto’s LGBTQ community reacts to Trudeau apology”

Part of the STX English A exam assignment from May 22nd 2019 asks you to discuss whether official apologies can correct wrongs. Your discussion can take the starting point in Trudeau's speech, but should also include references to the included video “Toronto’s LGBTQ community reacts to Trudeau apology”.

The video report begins with a reporter asking Reverend James Ferry about his opinion on Justin Trudeau’s Apology Speech. While the video shows images from Trudeau’s speech, a reporter comments that Ferry was impressed that the apology felt honest and real. Ferry shares that he appreciated the speech because Trudeau acknowledged the governments’ mistreatment of LGBTQ2 Canadians. While the reverend was not a direct victim of the government's Purge, he was fired in 1992 by the Anglican Church for being gay. Ferry was reinstated after two decades, but he is still waiting for an official apology from the Anglican Church.

Ferry also believes that the Canadian government needs to follow ...

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