The short story “Hope” by Jonathan Santlofer begins with Hope and her boyfriend, Artie, who are driving somewhere accompanied by Artie’s brother in law, Barry. Artie’s roommate and his girlfriend, Rochelle, are following them in another car. Hope is very anxious, and Artie tries to comfort her. They stop in an isolated place where they meet a woman and a man in a black car and give them two envelopes with money. Hope and Rochelle get in the car with the woman. Artie and Barry go to a nearby diner to wait for the girls.

Artie remembers Hope telling him she was pregnant. After she told him, he made a call to a man who told him the details of price, time, and location. He is now worried that something might go wrong. 

Rochelle and Hope return, and Artie feels relieved that Hope is alive. Rochelle is crying, and Hope feels empty. She worries about her meeting tomorrow with a gynecologist who will check her after the abortion. Several weeks later, Hope shares details about her bad experience with Artie. He listens but does not know what to say. 

Artie’s roommate and Rochelle break up. Five years later, Artie and Hope are married with a child, but they never discuss the abortion. ...

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