Style of language

The language in the short story “Hope” by Jonathan Santlofer is neutral. The words and phrases used in the narrative are common to everyday conversations. The style also uses contractions, such as “doesn’t” (l. 36), or “can’t” (l. 39) and phrasal verbs, such as “something to fall back on” (l. 14). All these elements help to suggest the impression of natural, everyday speech. 

There are also several slang terms in the narrative, such as “grubs” (l. 104) or “botched” (l. 118). This reflects the perspective of the characters. The characters express themselves in dialogue using a casual, informal style, typical of teenagers. For instance: “ ‘I guess dis is da place’ ” (l. 32), “ ‘You okay?’ ” (l. 11), and “ ‘Guess I dozed off’ ” (l. 92). This gives each character a unique voice and helps create a realistic atmosphere. 



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