The main character in the short story “Hope” by Jonathan Santlofer is Hope. Her boyfriend, Artie, is another important character, who arranges for her to have the abortion. The experience is traumatizing for Hope and has a negative impact on her relationship with Artie. Although Artie seems to care about Hope’s well-being, he is frustrated by her depression and unable to comfort her. The couple have communication problems and experience a conflict which remains unresolved at the end of the story. 

Artie’s roommate and his girlfriend, Rochelle, also appear in the story. They are in the same situation as Artie and Hope, and Rochelle accompanies Hope to get an abortion. Artie’s brother-in-law, Barry, appears only briefly. He is the one who helps Artie get the money for the abortion. His attitude while they wait for Hope and Rochelle is calm, which shows that he is not emotionally involved in the events.

You can read a full characterization of Hope and Artie and their relationship in the following sections.