Hope is the main character of Jonathan Santlofer’s short story “Hope”. She has a boyfriend named Artie (l. 6). When Hope becomes pregnant, she has an abortion, even though abortions are illegal. Five years after the procedure, she is married to Artie, and they have a child (ll. 144-145). She teaches and supports Artie through graduate school. Hope also has one miscarriage (l. 145). 

We do not know why Hope chooses to have an abortion, but it could be because of her parents. On her way to have her operation, she wonders what her father, who is an “intermittent tyrant” (l. 2) would say if he could see her right now (l. 3). This suggests that her father does not know that she is pregnant and would probably disapprove of her condition. Hope also seems to have no support in her mother, who “waits on him (his father) lik...

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