The main characters in the short story “Dusk over Atlantic Wharf” by Susmita Bhattacharya are Lata and Anuj. They are an Indian couple living in Cardiff, Wales. They are newlyweds, and their marriage was arranged by their parents who still live in India. 

Anuj has been working in Cardiff for six years and appears to be well-adjusted to the new environment. He has adopted the local culture completely, preferring the British language, food, and entertainment over the Indian ones.

Lata is newly arrived in Cardiff and has trouble adjusting. She misses home and feels estranged from Anuj, since she does not know him well and also finds it hard to love him. Her only source of happiness appears to be remembering her time in India. 

You can read a more detailed characterization of Lata and Anuj in the following sections.