Anuj appears in the short story “Dusk over Atlantic Wharf” by Susmita Bhattacharya. He is an Indian who has been living in Cardiff for six years (l. 30), and has a British passport (ll. 31-32). He is an office worker (l. 41).

Anuj tries his best to act British. He spends his free time doing crossword puzzles (l. 28), although he is not very good at it (ll. 28-30). Lata believes that he thinks he is “as British as the white people” (l. 31). He has adopted as many Western habits and opinions as possible(ll. 41-43). He believes the Indian movie is good because “the action was up to Hollywood standard” (l. 118) which suggests he prefers Hollywood movies and thinks they are better.

Anuj also seems to reject everything Indian. For instance, when Lata su...

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