Physical setting

The short story “Dusk over Atlantic Wharf” by Susmita Bhattacharya takes place in Cardiff, Wales. Anuj has been living in Cardiff for six years (l. 30), while Lata only arrived two months ago (ll. 30-31). While Anuj appears well-adjusted and knows his way around, Lata has trouble adjusting and dislikes the new environment.

The story takes place on a Saturday night (l. 62), first in Lata and Anuj’s home, and then at a movie at Atlantic Wharf. 

The dull environment of Cardiff is contrasted with the colorful environment of Mumbai, Lata’s hometown: “The sky loomed large and grey over the chimney tops and television aerials. Lata missed the drama of colours played out in the sky. She observed it had been the same dull grey throughout the...

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