Outer characterization

Lata is the main character of the story “Dusk over Atlantic Wharf” by Susmita Bhattacharya. She is from Mumbai, India. Lata has a brother named Bhushan (l. 73). Her family in India appears to be well-off, as they hired people to clean the house for them (ll.36-37). Lata is also well-educated as she went to college in Mumbai (ll. 88-89) and she can do the Times crossword puzzle quicker than Anuj (l.29).

She is married to Anuj. The wedding appears to have taken place recently, and she arrived in Cardiff two months ago (l. 1, l. 31-32). Her father arranged her marriage to Anuj because he is a British citizen and Lata’s father hoped for a better life for her in the UK (p.1, ll. 31-32). 

Inner characterization

Lata is a funny, outgoing person. According...

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