Characterization of the narrator

Outer characterization

The main character of the short story “This is My Living Room” by Tom McAfee is the unnamed narrator. He is probably a middle-aged man, as he has two teenage daughters aged 16 and 14 (p. 134, l. 5). The narrator has been married to Rosie for close to 30 years (p. 138, ll. 11-12), but also has a mistress “in South Town” (p. 138, ll. 12-13). The narrator is most likely a Christian (p. 133, l. 4). He mentions that he is also a gun owner (p. 133, ll. 12-17) and that he fought in World War I (p. 134, l. 31). He lives with his family in Pine Springs, and he owns a store (p. 134, l. 10). 

Inner characterization

The narrator’s attitude can be seen from the way he relates to the people around him and from his thoughts on past events. From the beginning, the narrator describes himself as “a smart man” (p. 133, l. 8). However, the events he describes prove that he...

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