An analysis of the short story “This is My Living Room” by Tom McAfee shows that the narrative has an unusual structure. The events are structured in different scenes, which are not connected to each other. The different scenes, which are given titles, present different topics that the narrator thinks about.

The main character of the story is the unnamed male narrator. He mentions several other characters, like his wife, his daughters, or other townspeople, but they are more relevant for highlighting the narrator’s prejudices. 

The physical setting is Pine Springs, a Southern town in the US. The narrator describes the general atmosphere of the town and the townspeople, but also focuses on his house and store. The social setting presents issues such as racism and violence against women. Many of the thoughts presented by the narrator are also relevant to the social setting, as they present a stereotypical attitude of people living in the South of the US.

The story is told by a first-person narrator, who is also the main character. The narrator provides his subjective view on different topics. 

The language used in the short story reflects the main character’s social and regional background. The narrator talks using vocabulary and grammar that is typical of the English spoken in the South of the US.

A full analysis of the short story can be found in the following pages. 

Short story analysis

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