The short story “This is My Living Room” by Tom McAfee is structured into different scenes that are not connected to each other. Each scene deals with a different topic, presented from the main character’s perspective. The scenes are given titles, which makes it easier for the readers to know the topic explored by the narrator: “My Living Room” (p. 133, l. 1), “My Two Girls” (p. 134, l. 4), “People” (p. 134, l. 30), “My Store” (p. 136, l. 1), “This Living Room” (p. 136, l. 24), “People” (p. 136, l. 35), “Old Ezmo” (p. 137, l. 17), “Rosie” (p. 138, l, 9). The main action seems to take place in the living room, where the narrator sits and thinks about his life before sending his wife and daughters to bed.

Out of the eight scenes, two of them focus...

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