The short story “The Shining Mountain” by Alison Fell follows the journey of a young girl and her father as they try to climb up a mountain called the Shining Mountain.

The girl's name is Pangma-La. When she is young, she is teased because of her unusual name. Her father is a famous mountaineer who many people respect. He tells Pangma-La that he named her after a shining mountain, and so she should be proud of her name. He also promises that one day they will climb that mountain together. The little girl becomes determined to live up to her father’s expectations and never disappoint him.

As Pangma-La grows, her father teaches her mountaineering skills and encourages her to be strong and tough. Finally, the two of them set off towards the Shining Mountain. They travel by plane, and Pangma-La has a nightmare in which she is a swan and the Shining Mountain will not let her land anywhere on it. She does not want to seem weak, so she does not tell her father about the dream.

Once they reach the ...

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