The exposition introduces the main character of the short story, Pangma-La, along with a backstory about her unusual name (p. 18, ll. 1-7). We also immediately learn something about Pangma-La’s father and her relationship with him. We learn that he is “a famous mountaineer” (p. 18, l. 10) and that his daughter doesn’t want to disappoint him (p. 19, ll. 1-2).

In a moment of foreshadowing, Pangma-La’s father promises her they will climb up the mountain she was named for. “And he pinned a picture of the Shining Mountain on her wall, and told her that one day they would climb it together.” (p. 18, ll. 8-9)

Also in the exposition, we are introduced to Pangma-La’s mother who is depicted as a caring and protective figure, but otherwise plays a relatively small role in the story: “Her mother shook her head and fussed.‘Pangma-La,’ she said, ‘you’ll…

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