The short story “The New Girl” by Marc Mitchell follows the narrator, an eight-year-old boy, and his neighborhood friend Allison, who is 10 years old. The two hang out together because they are the only children on Prospect Street, an area where only white people live. The narrator does not really like Allison, but he still looks up to her, even if he does not share her interests.

On a hot summer day, as the children are riding their bikes, they come across an African-American girl who wants to play with them. The narrator smiles at the new girl and greets her. The girl smiles back.

However, Allison rejects the girl and calls her racist names. When the girl tries to introduce herself, Allison tries to drive her away, threatening her with violence. The narrator follows Allison’s example, offending the African-American girl, who becomes sad and...

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