The short story “The New Girl” by Marc Mitchell follows a traditional plot structure. The story relies on foreshadowing elements, which reveal the conflicts between the characters. The main conflict is the racial conflict between Allison and the African-American girl. The narrator's internal conflict is also an important element in the story.

The story revolves around child characters, including the narrator, Allison, and the new girl. The narrator is the main character, a child vulnerable to Alison’s influence and who starts feeling guilty after bullying the new girl. 

The story’s main setting is 1980's USA in an all-white neighborhood. The social setting explores taught racism, discrimination, and peer pressure.

The story has a first-person narrator who might be intended as a persona of the author. The narrator combines his point of view from childhood with his present adult perspective on the events. 

The language used in the story is semi-formal to informal, with slang words giving characters authenticity. Metaphors are key to the text, while symbols highlight issues related to separation, racism, and shame. 

Short story analysis

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