Other characters


Allison’s outer characterization reveals that she is 10 years old and has a passion for “Barbies and Hall and Oates” (p. 22, l. 1). Also, she comes from a “white, lower-middle-class” (p. 22, l. 15) family and is friends with the narrator “by default” (p. 21, ll. 7-8) because they live in the same area. At one point she is describes as wearing a "halo" (p. 22, l. 37) which contrasts with her actions and shows the power she has over the narrator.

Her inner characterization focuses on her attitude towards the African-American girl, which suggests that she is prejudiced (p. 22, ll. 25-27) and has learned racist views from her parents: 

‘Who cares,’ she said. ‘They moved in last week and Mom says they’re going to ruin our house.’
‘How are they going to ruin your house?’
‘I don’t know. I don’t want that black girl anywhere near me, though’ (p. 23, ll. 14-18). 

This shows that sh...

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