The short story “The Meaning of Clouds” by Natalie Cox begins in medias res with Bella asking Natalie what clouds mean (l.1). The conversation between Bella and Mags about “what makes a cloud give in” (l. 8) to rain, and Bella’s instruction to Mags to “find out please” (l. 9) foreshadow how Mags will develop throughout the course of the story. 

Several contrasts are presented throughout the story, which are meant to show the difference between Mags’ past and current self. Mags’ uncertainty and lack of purpose in the beginning, versus her new awareness and sense of accomplishment at the end is the main contrast of the story. It shows her positive development. While before she was single, with a demanding job, now she has a partner, and a child to look after. This means she has found new responsibili...

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