Bella is an important character in the short story “The Meaning of Clouds” by Natalie Cox. She is six and a half years old (l. 15). Her parents are divorced. Mags is her father’s partner, and Bella refers to her as “stepmother”. Bella plays football (l. 13).

Bella is a straightforward child. She tells people the truth outright, even if it is unpleasant. For instance, she tells the man at the ice cream shop that her parents got divorced and Mags is unemployed (ll. 32-33), which Mags believes is oversharing (l. 39). Perhaps because Bella is so young, she has no understanding of social situations and what might not be appropriate to share with strangers.

She appears used to getting her way. She insists on getting what she wants, which suggests she is not used to havin...

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